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240V Festoon Lights - Standard Voltage

24V Festoon Lights - Low Voltage

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Commercial Festoon Light For Sale

No matter how large or small your event, our festive light decorations are certain to capture the vision of your theme and draw the attention of thousands. Decorative Lighting Sydney is thrilled to partner with Australia’s top commercial festoon light supplier delivering throughout the country.

All of our LED festoon lighting systems are both, waterproof and weatherproof. Our lights are also dimmable so that you’re able to control the lighting mood of the atmosphere. And the best thing? You can easily join our connectable festoon lights together without compromising on the brightness or quality of the products. Our products are perfect for both commercial use and home application.

Can I use Them as indoor LED Festoon lights?

The short answer is: Yes, you certainly can use our festoon party string lights indoor, too!

All of our commercial lighting systems can be used both, for indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy ambiance at home with the dimmer functions of the lights or are looking to brightening up your next garden or backyard party. All our festoon party string lights, including the belts and the bulbs, are waterproof and weatherproof and will give you thanks to their LED shine a cost-effective and efficient glow.

Do you have Solar LED festoon lights?

No, we don’t have battery-powered solar lights just yet. We’re constantly working on improving our service and are currently working on including battery festoon lights that you can use in the garden. Optionally you can choose one of our weatherproof LED lights that can be used in the garden, backyard or patio. Thanks to their LED bulbs, they’ll provide you with a low-cost and bright shine.

Standard Voltage or Low Voltage Festoon Light Bulbs?

When it comes to buying a lighting system for your project or space, there are two main types of lighting which you will want to understand more about – standard voltage and low voltage. The choice usually depends on the different applications of either type of illumination explained more in detail below:

Standard Voltage 240V Festoon Lights

Standard voltage lighting can be used almost anywhere that low voltage lighting could be used. It is true, however, that the inverse is not always possible. In short, standard voltage lighting systems are run by wiring from a power source to fixtures and switches.

These festoon party string lights are ideal for both private and commercial use as this system easily plugs into a standard power outlet.

Low Voltage 24V Festoon Lights

Low-voltage lighting systems are commonly used for display lighting applications, as well as landscape applications. Its main limitation is the distance: You can only get low voltage so far from a transformer box.

This lighting is therefore perfect for commercial use as it can help you create attractive, high quality spaces suitable for shops, restaurants, retail outlets and offices as well as decorative spaces. 

Available in different sizes

Our commercial festoon lights are available in all different sizes. Take a look at the table below to determine how many meters you’ll need. If you’re not sure how many meters of lighting you need, give us a call on 02 8488 8088 and we’ll happily help you!

With 10 (100cm spacing) or 20 (50cm spacing) replaceable LED globes, ideal for gardens, home or business.

With 20 (100cm spacing) or 40 (50cm spacing) light bulbs. Including dimmer function for an atmospheric lounge area or over your pool area.

With 30 (100cm spacing) or 60 (50cm spacing) shatterproof light bulbs, perfect for the next garden party.

With 40 (100cm spacing) or 80 (50cm spacing) globes including waterproof connectables to create a zig-zag pattern at your next backyard party or even over your pool.

With 50 (100cm spacing) or 100 (50cm spacing) light globes, available with a white cable or black cable to blend in perfectly with your pergola.

With 60 (100cm spacing) or 120 (50cm spacing) lights, available with white festoon bulbs, perfect for every medium-sized wedding event.

With 100 (100cm spacing) or 200 (50cm spacing) festoon bulbs, choose between low-voltage or standard voltage. This length is perfect for creating larger displays, ideal for bigger events and commercial installations.

Commercial Festoon Light Bulb Features

Clear Warm White
Light Globes

These festoon party string lights offer a clear warm white light that can be combined with a dimmer to create perfect feeling at any backyard party. 

Frosted Warm White
LED Festoon Bulbs

Transform your wedding and give it a romantic touch with our frosted light bulbs. These LED lights can be paired with a white cable for a dramatic statement.

Teardrop Festoon Party String Light Bulbs

Our warm white festoon lighting systems are also available in teardrop shape! Hang these light strings up in your pergola or over the pool to create a bright shine outside.

festoon light with black cable hanging in garden with plant in background

50cm & 100cm
Light Bulb Spacing

Choose between 50 or 100cm spacing between bulbs and decide how much light you’d like to bring into your space. 50cm will illuminate your room more than the 100cm bulb spacing.

product shot of an illuminated light bulb on black background

Long Lasting
LED Light Bulbs

The most efficient light bulb is the one that’s long-lasting. The less time you need to spend maintaining it, the better. That’s why we ensured that our lights will shine into your dark evenings for over 30,000 hours.
Glowing festoon lights hung up outdoors in front of green trees

IP44 Waterproof Festoon Lights

The IP rating of 44 refers to how well the string lights can stand up against drops and water. Devices with IP44 are not just waterproof – they’re also designed for wet weather installations where moisture may get on them.

Strong & Shatterproof Light Bulbs

With its hard, shatterproof casing, this LED globe is the safest and most durable product on the market. So you don’t have to worry about shards of glass injuring your loved ones or ruining the inside of your house if one should happen to fall and break.

black festoon lighting cable on white background

Double-Insulated &
UV-Resistant Cable

UV-radiation and temperature resistant, these cables are used for connecting multiple festoon belts together and are perfect for outdoor use. No matter, where these cables can be installed anywhere, but not buried underground or laid in the water.

festoon belt connection piece on dark grey background

Connectable Festoons For Customizable Length

These joints allow you to connect one end of a lighting strip to another and build something interesting. The connectable pieces also bridge the gap between your festoon lighting belt and your power supply. So that your lights start in the air, not on the ground!