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Fairy Lights in Sydney

Sydney’s biggest range of LED fairy lights for sale perfect for both commercial use and home application.

Commercial LED Fairy Lights For Sale

Black Fairy Lights
Complete Kit

From $159.00

30 Reviews

Black Fairy Lights
3m & 10m Pieces

From $32.00

4 Reviews

White Fairy Lights
Complete Kit

$159.00 $110.00

1 Review

Black Fairy Lights
3m & 10m Pieces

$32.00 $22.00

9 Reviews

Fairy Light Splitter in Black

From $19.00

7 Reviews

Fairy Light Splitter in White

$29.00 $22.00

3 Reviews

24v Fairy Light Dimmer Control

$99.00 $89.00

1 Review

24v Power Supplier

From $40.00

2 Reviews

Outdoor Fairy Lighting in Sydney

We made sure to partner up with Sydney’s leading fairy light shop, Festoon House, providing you with only high-quality product at the best prices available on the market.

All of our outdoor LED fairy lights are weatherproof with a IP67-rating ensuring a warm light throughout the seasons. Our LED fairy light systems are the perfect choice for both, indoor and outdoor settings, making them ideal for wedding receptions, Christmas and decorative lighting in your garden.

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Looking To Buy Outdoor LED Fairy Lights in Australia?

Need more info on your fairy light purchase? Give us a call or fill out the form to get more details from our friendly support team! Free delivery Australia-wide from our warehouse in Sydney.

Low Voltage Fairy Lights
for every application

Safe Low Voltage Fairy Lights

Our outdoor fairy lights are comprised of low voltage 24v parts which makes them great for applications around pools, spas, and other humid entertaining spaces.

Connectable 3m & 10m Long Cable

They’re available in 2-sized connectable lengths of either 10 meters or 3 meters. You can choose between white fairy lights or black fairy lights. Create lengths of over 50m fairy lights and more!

Waterproof Fairy Lights IP67

These commercial fairy lights have a waterproof IP67 rating meaning their weatherproof connectors allow you to create a length of over 100 meters.

12-Month Warranty on all Fairy Lights

All fairy party string lights come with Australia-wide shipping that is fast and free, including a 12-month product replacement warranty.

Where to hang your LED fairy lights?

It’s surprising how simply adding decorative fairy lights to an outdoor beer garden, café courtyard, or a wedding reception or will suddenly bring real enjoyment and make it worth visiting. Our line of outside fairy lights will add some LED sparkle to your venue while guaranteeing safety and economical application. 

Perfect lighting is an essential element of any wedding. LED lights can turn a traditional outdoor wedding into a luxurious event by illuminating the venue with fairy light canopies and walls to make it look straight out of a romantic movie.

To illuminate an outdoor venue, you can use almost every part of the venue when it comes to using string lights. Fairy light curtains, ceilings or even lights struck around a tree are the perfect way to add some extra glow without completely drowning out natural light outdoors.

However, choices are somewhat limited when with indoor weddings.

Though there’s limited space, you can utilize it intelligently to make the most out of it. Hence, to be able to use fairy lights perfectly at your wedding reception is a sort of art form, that we could even assist with (contact us for a free quote).

Outdoor fairy lights wrapped around a tree with festoon lighting hanging above commercial outdoor gardenNeed something heavy-duty? We carry a full line of commercial fairy light sets which are designed for permanent applications.

For restaurants, markets, bistros or any other commercial and outdoor spaces, we have the perfect commercial fairy lighting for you.

Perfect for professional electricians, builders, or venue managers searching for ideas to illuminate their client’s indoor or outdoor spaces. Our commercial-grade fairy lights come in two color options, with black and white cable, and are IP67 rated – meaning there is a very low risk of them breaking down during use as they are built to withstand all conditions, whether they be rain, hail or shine.

Give your restaurant the timeless feel of a European Bistro with our sparkling fairy lights.

The nice weather brings the urge for more time outdoors. To keep the party going after dusk, invest in a set of ambient outdoor fairy lighting for your backyard. Fairy light designs can brighten up your backyard or a patio space which are great to prepare oneself for a calm and relaxing evening.

Fairy lights are the perfect way to bring a little extra magic and romance into your backyard during summer as well as winter! By draping our versatile lights over trees, bushes, and fences, you can create elaborate and pretty displays that dance in the wind for maximum effect. And because fairy lights are power efficient and versatile, your wallet won’t be disappointed either!

Fairy lights brightening up lounge area in garden at nightAlong with illuminating your garden, a good lighting scheme creates a relaxing ambiance and makes your outdoor space look pretty after dark. Think twinkly ceiling fairy lights, fairy light curtains behind your flowerbeds, and fairy light walls giving a welcoming glow from the street.

However, using garden fairy lights in an outdoor setting can be hazardous if they are not made specifically for such a purpose. Fairy lights are waterproof for outdoor use if they have an IP65 rating for hanging on buildings and trees in the garden. They need an IPX-8 rating though, if continuously submerged in water, such as in garden ponds.

Bedroom fairy lights in a pink room, sparkling and glistening like in a fairy taleIt doesn’t take much to transform your bedroom into a magical light haven.

Our decorative fairy lights can be wrapped around pergolas and party marquees. It’s long enough to wrap around your curtain rods, install around the perimeter of your ceiling, illuminate a full walk-in closet, or hang anywhere you want to achieve a cozy, decorative glow.

These bedroom fairy lights plug into a standard outlet and can be used with our remote control, allowing you to turn them off and on, and dim the brightness.

Need to buy new lights for your Christmas tree?

It’s always exciting when the fairy lights at Christmas go on – and this should be mirrored within your home. Twinkling lights form any decent Christmas display, creating a welcome, warm ambiance when the evenings start to draw in as you get ready for cozy nights in with loved ones.

There are plenty of Christmas fairy lights for your home this year, even if you tend to concentrate your efforts indoors. You might feel like putting a little extra effort into your garden, backyard or even on the facade of your house as well.

christmas festoon lights hanging outside in the white snow during winter time

Our Christmas fairy lights are weatherproof and are therefore perfect for hanging on the outside wall of your house, creating curtains or even fairy ceilings outdoors during the colder winter season.

How to Hang Fairy Lights

Hanging up fairy lights can be super simple with the following quick guide! You only need very few tools, and time. Make this a fun DIY weekend project.

Before getting started you’ll need some essential equipment to hang up your fairy lights. The following tools are the bare minimum required to get the. job done in a backyard.

  • Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screw Eyes
  • (Electric) Drill
  • Ladder
  • Zip Ties
  • Outdoor Fairy Lights


If you’re planning for a more elaborate installation, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Firstly, determine the anker points where you’d like to attach your fairy lights on and mark the spot with a pencil. For an ideal height, the fixing points should be at least 3.2 meters above ground level.

Then, take your fairy lights and lay them out on the floor in the pattern you’d like them strung up later. With the help of connectable ends and junctions, you can easily customise the length to suit your space.

Pro Tip: Keep your power source location in mind when planning this first step


After you marked your fixing points around your garden, let’s get into drilling the holes for your fixings!

Get your hands dirty, because we’ll start by using the drill (manual or electric depending on the material) and create a small pilot hole for each fixing point.

Use the pilot holes as a guide to carefully screw each of the eye hooks tightly in. Make sure there is no way for them to come loose.

Pro tip: Once you’ve screwed them in as tight as possible by hand, get a screwdriver and stick it through the hook to use it as a leverage to wind it in just a few more turns.

Start with the power plug end and attach the fairy light string to the fixing points using zip ties. Play around with the length and height of the fairy lights and be creative when decorating your entertaining area. You can use a cutter to cut the zip ties excess if necessary.

Pro Tip: We recommend a height of around 3 meters to the ground to play it safe. This way the fairy lights will be out of reach but still give a warm, welcoming glow.

Create 50m of fairy lights and more thanks to our connectable light belts. Contact our team below for more info.

Now’s finally the time to light them up! Simply plug them into the power outlet and switch the lights on. Now relax and enjoy the warm ambiance underneath a magical fairy light ceiling at your outdoor (or indoor) entertaining area.

Outdoor Fairy Light Hanging Ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to hanging fairy lights outside. Outdoor fairy lights ideas include draping them over trees, bushes, fences, or any other structure. You can also wrap them around porch railings or stair railings. Or, you can simply hang them in a straight line to create a magical path or border. No matter how you choose to hang them, fairy lights are sure to add some extra sparkle and enchantment to your outdoor space.

Fairy Light Wall

Curtain made of fairy lights which are lit up in the evening

A fairy light wall is a wall covered in fairy lights, creating a stunning and ethereal ambiance. Thanks to our plug in fairy lights you can easily illuminate your favourite space.

Fairy Light Ceiling

sparkling fairy lights creating a glistening ceiling at a wedding reception

The fairy light ceiling is the perfect addition to any event, whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, or even a simple get-together with friends. It’s sure to make any occasion unforgettable.

Fairy Light Canopy

Purple canopy of fairy lights on the ceiling illuminated in the dark

A fairy light canopy is a magical and romantic way to decorate your wedding venue. It is a beautiful and unique way to add some extra sparkle and romance to your big day.

Fairy Light Curtain

Fairy light curtain brightening up lounge area in garden at night

A fairy light curtain is a magical way to decorate your home for any special occasion. Strings of lights are draped across a doorway or window, creating a twinkling effect that is sure to delight any guests.

Fairy Light Tree

Fairy lights wrapped around trees at night

Outdoor fairy lights for trees add a touch of whimsy and wonder, and can transform even the most ordinary space into something special. Tree fairy lights are sure to delight.

Christmas Fairy Light

One of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season are Christmas fairy lights. Whether hung up on the roof, outside wall or fence of a home, these lights bring a touch of magic and whimsy to the festive season.

Fairy Light Roof

The fairy light roof is a beautiful sight to behold. It is made up of delicate, twinkling lights that seem to dance in the breeze. This magical display is sure to bring a smile to your face and fill you with a sense of wonder.

Hanging Fairy Lights

Hanging fairy lights are a popular decoration for many events. There are many ways to hang fairy lights, and the method you choose will depend on the look you’re going for and the amount of time you’re willing to spend.

Wondering how to hang fairy lights outside?

Hanging fairy lights outside can be tricky, regardless to say that our commercial fairy lighting kits can be confusing at times! Don’t hesitate to give our friendly electricians a call for more details today.

Not convinced of our commercial fairy lights yet?

White Fairy Lights & Black Fairy Lighting

We offer our fairy string lights in two beautiful colours: White and black. Sit back and enjoy either white fairy lights for a magical dreamland display or black fairy lights for a mysterious forest setting.

Warm White Fairy Lights

The bulb colour of our fairy lights is between 2900K – 3200K for a warm white, glistening ambiance effect. Create a welcoming atmosphere anywhere around your space with this light colour.

Plugin Fairy Lights

Thanks to the easy-to-handle power plug, you can simply plug the lights into your standard power outlet. You can also connect several fairy string lights using the quick connect ends, allowing you to easily plug-in fairy lights to one another to suit the size of your space.

IP-67 Waterproof Fairy Lights

Our lights are certified with an IP67-rated which means that their weather- and waterproof, allowing you to hang them up outside.

LED & Low-Voltage

We offer our outside fairy lights only in safe low-voltage systems with 24 volt. This makes them perfect for applications outside especially around pools, spas, and other humid areas.

Different Lengths

Our fairy party string lights are available in two different sizes that are connectable. You can choose between 3 meters or 10 meters of length.  Thanks to their high quality you can easily create lengths of more than 100m!

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Matt Rawson
Matt Rawson
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I would definitely recommend Decorative Lighting Sydney to anyone. I am very happy with my festoon lights. They look amazing in my backyard and have survived the rain and storms so far. The customer service is also outstanding as they were very responsive with regard to my questions. Thanks so much again!
Leanne Liddle
Leanne Liddle
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I've purchased outdoor festoon lights from Decorative Lighting Sydney once prior to this order and just received my second delivery. Perfect in time for our garden party that we’re hosting in Cronulla in a couple of days. Without the fast delivery, we wouldn't have been able to completely decorate the garden in time. As for the other orders, the festoon lights look amazing in our cafe's courtyard. The ambient glow they provide is perfect for evening drinks with our customers. I'll be ordering again soon. 😉 Thanks so much again!
Trish L
Trish L
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We were very positive about our Festoon Lights purchase. The delivery was very fast and the lights are of great quality. They look lovely hung on the patio. After sales service has been incredible, too. After some malfunctions, the service team replaced the bulbs immediately free of charge without any further questioning. Great experience, definitely recommend!
Paul Cakebread
Paul Cakebread
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Finally, I’ve found a durable long term solution to my outdoor lighting! Excellent quality - sturdy and fully waterproof connectors

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