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Transform your event or party into non-forgettable occasion with our premium fairy string lights.

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sparkling fairy light canopy over wedding reception in a beautiful outdoor area

Fairy Light Rental Kits (DIY)

Fairy lights may be small in size but when used properly can really transform any dull-looking area into a sparkling dreamland. 

Rent one of our more cost-effective DIY-Kits and give your garden or yard-party the right atmosphere for your special occasion. Fairy lighting can be used to wrap surrounding trees, columns or even line the walls of a marquee or hall. 

Indoor & Outdoor Fairy Lights

A fairy light setup is a breathtaking way to add a little magic to your venue. To accompany our more popular festoons, we have commercial-grade fairy lights that are a great addition to any setting. Why not hire someone to create an ethereal, dreamy atmospheric lighting effect that will make you and your guests feel like you’re attending a real-life wonderland?

At Decorative Lighting Sydney, we specialize in creating an array of beautiful fairy light features for any event. We can set up a gorgeous fairy light wall with LED nets that is complemented by dozens of twinkle lights and tessellation to create a stunning effect amongst a backdrop of colored lights. 

Alternatively, we can spice up your party by installing an awe-inspiring fairy light canopy using LED lights to transform the space above your head while completely changing the overall atmosphere. Don’t worry if you have no outdoor space or yard, our designers deal with events inside as well and can create stunning displays over everyone’s heads that look like intricate pieces of artwork on the ceiling.

We offer our fairy lights throughout Sydney as part of our rental packages to give you and your guests the best possible event decor.

Fairy Lighting
Permanent installation

Our lighting technicians are like magicians: They have the power to make any event come to life no matter how small or large, and whether it is an indoor or outdoor occasion. Their personalized fairy light installations can be shaped into any variety of configurations depending on what you need to complete your customized look.

Our licensed electricians are quick to spot details. We’re extremely fast paced and go noticed for keeping up with the demands of the work. Our electrically skilled professionals are trained in safety precautions. These are needed when working with high voltage wiring. We also have special training that is needed in public spaces dealing with equipment that is used there as well.

sparkling fairy lights on pergola ceiling

Why Our LED Lights Are The Best For Your Event:

Our fairy lights are certified with an IP44 rating which makes them perfect for outdoor use. Our string lights are ideal for permanent outdoor set-ups as they’re weatherproof, waterproof, and shatterproof and therefore can withstand even the harshest Australian weather conditions. Enjoy their warm white glow for more than 30,000 hours which is sure to illuminate your garden, backyard, or patio in the most brilliant sparkles.

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